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  • Robin
    Since April 25th, I’ve been a member of Tomplay. This has given me a new “lease on life!” It’s inspired me to play my flute on an almost daily basis, after having only played it occasionally. I’m so grateful for your program! I would love to see more flute pieces recorded, specifically, Claude Bolling’s Flute and Jazz Piano Trio. Thanks and keep sending us great music! Robin Herman
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  • Carolyn ward
    I do not understand your “free” trial. It seems you are still charging for the downloads. I have downloaded some pieces previously and I love using them, but feel you should have a price for ALL movements. Downloading the Khulau duets would cost a fortune! It is my understanding that being a premium member gives you a 30% discount only. And fin as lot, I was considering joining as a premium member when you had a sale, but never was able to get the technology to work, (I think you might have an incorrect email address for me)
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    • Tomplay
      Dear Carolyn, we propose a free 14 days trial for our Premium Subscription. When subscription is active, you won't see any price in the shop beside the scores. You will be able to download as many scores and exercises as you want without any additional cost (over 20'000 scores available). Our premium subscription gives you unlimited and free access to the whole catalogue for all instruments and all levels (except the Music Theory product that has to be purchased separately). The price for subscription is £8.99/month or £87.99/year. If you are interested, here is the link for our free 14 days trial: https://tomplay.com/premium. I hope this could help you and remain at your disposal for any further question.
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