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Tomplay Interactive Sheet Music

Play along with real recordings by professional musicians.

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Tomplay has revolutionised music scores The app’s features include:

A digitised score that automatically scrolls across the screen, synchronised with the accompanying music
The option to slow down / speed up the tempo of the accompaniment
The option to record your playing and listen to yourself
The option to personalise the sheet music with annotations
The option to choose a specific part of the music piece and practise it
The option to print your score and your annotations

“Tomplay is the application that my students were missing. The possibility to play with orchestral accompaniments or with the piano allows for a listening exercise that cannot be matched.”

Nelly Loustau , France

“Tomplay interactive sheet music makes learning music simpler, more enjoyable and more effective.”

Frances Wilson, United Kingdom

“How often do pianists have the chance to play accompanied by an orchestra? Tomplay is a fantastic resource offering just that opportunity – great fun and educational too.”

Sandy Holland, United Kingdom

“Tomplay is an excellent resource for my intermediate-level piano students. It is engaging, exciting, and a wonderful chance for my students to get a taste of a new kind of ensemble playing!”

Edmee, Canada