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Created as a tool for teachers, Tomplay scores will stimulate your students, facilitate their learning, and will make them play more music between lessons! Discover more than 10,000 interactive sheet music, for all instruments and all levels!

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Scores that stimulate your students and facilitate their learning:

No more bad quality MIDI! Your students can now play thousands of scores either solo, or in duets, trios, quartets, or orchestral pieces, all with high quality audio tracks, which we’ve recorded or licensed with our partner Deutsche Grammophon.

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Your students can slow down or speed up the music’s tempo to adjust it to their level.

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Your students can record and re-listen to themselves play!

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Your students can learn a specific passage of a piece by looping it, without interruption!

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Easily annotate, highlight, or erase annotations on the score in a single step, just like on a paper score, but better!

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Print the score with your annotations.

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Your students can practice with a metronome or or tune their instrument with the tuning fork feature.

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Our catalogue contains more than 10,000 interactive scores for 12 instruments. You’ll also find exercises for your beginner students, arrangements, and original classical pieces, as well as jazz, pop, rock and film music.

Create an account to try out several interactive scores for free, benefit from the teacher discount, and other benefits:

  • Several free scores to try out for all instruments
  • Special rebate of 30% for you and your students when you subscribe. Pay EUR 7.99/month or EUR 83.99/year for unlimeted access to our entire catalogue.
  • Personalized catalogue: the possibility to order scores that aren’t in our catalogue that you would like to play with your students.
  • Assistance in organizing student recitals which make use of Tomplay.

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