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The six most beautiful pieces by Bach to play on the cello

Cellists, this article is for you! We're inviting you to explore a selection of the six most beautiful works by Bach, both original works and arranged for the cello. For each piece, we have included a link to the Tomplay interactive sheet music. Each score is synchronised with an audio recording produced in the studio by us, allowing you to play the cello part accompanied by the piano, a string ensemble or even by a real orchestra for concertos. Happy reading!

The 8 most beautiful pieces of film music to play on the violin

Violinists, to your violins! Re-discover eight cinematic masterpieces, as well as the soundtracks which contributed to their success, and immerse yourself in the story of their composition. For each piece, we have included a link to the Tomplay sheet music. Available in several levels of difficulty, these scores contain "Play Along" audio recordings of the orchestra to accompany you!

8 exquisite saxophone pieces for absolute beginners

Explore our selection of the most beautiful pieces to play on alto saxophone. Each score contains a high-quality "play-along" accompaniment of the rest of the group or orchestra. We have arranged the scores for beginner level and have included the link to the score with each piece.

How to organise your distance music classes with your students?

What tools can you use for communicating with your students during your distance music classes? In this article, we’ll compare Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom and Whereby for distance-teaching and will explain step-by-step how to use them with Tomplay.

10 famous short classical pieces for learning the piano

Are you starting the piano? In this article, explore our selection of 10 famous short classical pieces for learning the piano. Each piece has been specially arranged by us for beginner pianists. You’ll find all the scores in the Tomplay app with their professional audio recording which you can use as a guide. Happy reading!