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7 Great Music Gifts for Musicians and Music Teachers

Written By
Clémence Guinemer
About the author
Clémence is a passionate musician with a rich musical background. Starting at age 7, she learned the flute in French conservatories, getting a solid classical education. She played in orchestras and even sang in a gospel choir for a few years in London. Now, she's adding acoustic guitar to her skills. Clémence loves sharing her music expertise and experiences through the Tomblog, making music easy to enjoy and understand for everyone.
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7 Great Music Gifts for Musicians and Music Teachers

7 Great Music Gifts for Musicians and Music Teachers

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a musician or a music teacher? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the seven best music gift ideas that will surely strike a chord. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to show your appreciation, these thoughtful gift ideas are bound to resonate with their musical soul.

1. Tomplay Gift Card: a world of music at their fingertips

Introduce your loved one to a world of musical exploration with a Tomplay gift card!

Tomplay’s app offers a rich assortment of features that are tailored to elevate your musical journey, catering for both beginners and advanced musicians. With a vast library comprising more than 70,000 Interactive Sheet Music Titles, spanning an eclectic range of genres and skill levels, users get access to an extensive repertoire that encompasses classical, pop, and contemporary music.

Tomplay’s music scores are thoughtfully curated for 28 different instruments and are suitable for players of many proficiency levels, ranging from beginners to intermediate and advanced musicians. Whether your instrument of choice is the piano, saxophone, guitar, drums, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, or numerous others, Tomplay provides a comprehensive music resource.

The app’s interactive sheet music not only allows for easy annotation and customisation but also provides high quality play along tracks that can adapt to your tempo, making practice sessions more engaging. Additionally, the app supports instrument-specific notation, facilitating learning and practice for a wide range of instruments. Whether you’re a pianist, violinist, or guitarist, playing music through Tomplay offers the opportunity to transform music education and turn practice into an interactive and enjoyable journey.

Tomplay provides two choices for gift cards: 

  • A one-year subscription gift card that provides unlimited access to the entire Tomplay catalogue (except the Music Theory section). After one year, your friend/relative can choose to continue their subscription at their own cost.

  • Gift cards of a set amount of money, which allow musicians to purchase sheet music titles from the Tomplay catalogue. Your friend/relative will credit the balance of the gift card to their account, using the voucher code. They will then use this balance to purchase sheet music titles, which they will have lifetime access to in their online account. 

A Tomplay gift card is the perfect way to empower your musician friend or teacher. It allows them to play their favourite pieces accompanied by a virtual orchestra or backing track, adjust the tempo to their pace, or even annotate their sheet music for more effective practice. With Tomplay, music becomes an immersive and enriching experience, making it an ideal gift idea for aspiring musicians.

▶️Give a Tomplay Gift Card to your favourite musician or music teacher

You can try Tomplay for FREE for 14 days, to see whether this gift idea is going to be a perfect fit for your musician friend!

2. Subscription to a Music Streaming Platform: for endless music inspiration

Music is an endless source of inspiration; it is the perfect gift for musicians and the perfect gift for music teachers. Offering a premium subscription to a music streaming platform like Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer is a gift that enables your loved one to explore a vast world of songs, albums and playlists. Prices vary based on subscription tiers, with monthly plans starting at $9.99.

This gift for musicians (or music teachers) provides them with access to an extensive music library, helping to fuel creativity. Advanced search features and personalised recommendations from streaming services will expand musical horizons. It’s a gift that can be enjoyed daily and keeps the creative juices flowing!

3. Private Music Lesson: to boost skills

For those looking to improve musical skills, nothing beats a private music lesson. You can give a single lesson or a series of lessons as a gift, by booking sessions with a skilled music instructor who will guide your musician friend or music teacher on their musical journey. Rates vary based on duration and expertise level, typically ranging from $20 to $50 per hour. Music education requires a lot of personal work, but learning from a professional can make a world of difference. Whether they want to refine technique, grasp music theory, or explore new styles, private lessons are a gift for musicians that yields long-term rewards!

4. Metronome: precision in practice

Rhythm is fundamental in music, and a high-quality metronome is a valuable tool for any musician. Consider giving a digital or mechanical metronome; prices start around $20. A metronome helps musicians to maintain precise timing during practice. It’s an essential companion for developing a strong sense of rhythm, aiding musicians to play with accuracy and synchronise with other performers. This practical gift for musicians enhances their musical skills and fosters discipline in their practice routine.

5. Quality Instrument Case: for protecting cherished musical instruments

If your musician owns a valuable instrument, an elegant and durable instrument case is a thoughtful gift. These cases provide optimal protection, practical use and style, with prices starting around $50, depending on the instrument type. Instrument cases are designed to safeguard musical treasures during transportation and storage. They offer impact resistance, temperature control, and humidity protection. A top-notch case not only ensures the safety of their beloved instrument but also adds a touch of sophistication to their musical journey. It’s the perfect gift for musicians and music teachers.

6. Music Stand: an essential stage companion

Every musician needs a reliable music stand. This important piece of kit ranges from basic models priced at around $20 to high-quality, adjustable stands that can go up to $100. A music stand provides a stable platform for sheet music, allowing musicians to focus on their performance. It’s an indispensable accessory for practice sessions, performances and teaching. An adjustable stand accommodates different sheet sizes and angles, enhancing comfort and productivity, and encouraging healthy and correct posture when playing. It’s a practical gift for musicians and music teachers: don’t underestimate the power of having good basic gear!

7. Music Tablet: sheet music at your fingertips

For a modern twist on music gifts, consider a dedicated tablet for your sheet music library. Prices typically start at $150, depending on device features.

A music tablet eliminates the need for cumbersome paper-based sheet music. Musicians can easily annotate their digital scores, turn pages with a swipe, and even listen to recordings while following along (especially with Tomplay 😉). It’s a gift that combines technology and music, making it perfect for contemporary musicians! Musicians can then decide what are the the best sheet music apps to download on their tablet.

In conclusion, when it comes to musician gift ideas or finding the ideal gift for a music teacher, these options are sure to strike the right chord. Whether you choose a Tomplay gift card, a streaming subscription, private lessons, a metronome, an instrument case, a music stand, or a music tablet, you will be offering a gift that resonates with their passion for music. Make your musician’s journey even more harmonious with these thoughtful and practical presents.

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