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9 Amazing Broadway Songs to Play on the Piano

Written By
Clara Avrillier
About the author
Clara Avrillier was introduced to music from a young age, firstly singing in choirs, then playing percussion in several orchestras before going on to study piano and classical music in Scotland. Following a master’s degree in linguistics, she now brings together her musical and language skills to accompany you on your journey with Tomplay.
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9 Amazing Broadway Songs to Play on the Piano

Broadway is home to some of the most beloved and popular songs in the world, spanning a range of genres from upbeat and catchy tunes to emotional ballads. From classic show tunes to modern hits, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Broadway songs for you to play on the piano. 

You can also check out other Broadway hits in the collections below, which are available for both solo piano and with the orchestral accompaniment. 

▶️️ Explore The Best Broadway and Musical Songs for Piano, Beginner

▶️️ Explore The Best Broadway and Musical Songs for Piano, Easy

▶️️ Explore The Best Broadway and Musical Songs for Piano, Intermediate 

▶️️ Explore The Best Broadway and Musical Songs for Piano, Advanced

1. Waitress - She Used to Be Mine

▶️️ Play She Used to Be Mine on the piano 

Waitress is the 2016 Broadway adaptation of the 2007 film of the same name. It tells the story of Jenna, a young waitress and baker who is desperate to get out of her small town and abusive marriage. 

Considered one of the best Broadway love songs of recent years, She Used to Be Mine is a powerful and emotional ballad that showcases the talent of singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. The song has become a favourite among Broadway fans and is often performed at auditions and recitals.

2. Hamilton - Alexander Hamilton

▶️️ Play Alexander Hamilton on the piano 

The smash hit musical Hamilton was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and focuses on the life story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States. It was released in 2015 and made a big impact, partly due to the fact that it cast non-white actors to play the founding fathers and that the music was inspired by hip hop and soul. Alexander Hamilton is the high-energy opening song that sets the scene for the audience for this incredible show. 

3. The Lion King - Can You Feel the Love Tonight

▶️️ Play Can You Feel the Love Tonight on the piano 

The magic of Disney often lies in the music and The Lion King is probably one of the best examples. The songs were written by Elton John and set to lyrics by Disney favourite, Tim Rice. 

Can You Feel the Love Tonight is one of the most popular Broadway songs of all time. It’s a beautiful ballad that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide and is a testament to the power of love and the beauty of the natural world.

4. The Phantom of the Opera - The Phantom of the Opera

▶️️ Play The Phantom of the Opera on the piano 

The Phantom of the Opera is a musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber that premiered in 1986 in London. It is based on the novel of the same name by Gaston Leroux, published in 1910. The story is all about the mysterious events in the Paris opera house, where a young dancer is both scared and fascinated by a mysterious ‘ghost’ who lives underneath the opera house.

The Phantom of the Opera is the theme song of the iconic musical, which has been running on Broadway for over 30 years. It is a haunting and romantic ballad that showcases the talents of the composer Webber. It is one of the best Broadway songs to play on the piano thanks to its use of octaves and chromatic riff.

5. Chicago - All That Jazz

▶️️ Play All That Jazz on the piano 

The musical Chicago tells the story of two rival murderers locked up in jail in the 1920s. All That Jazz is one of the most recognisable and best Broadway songs. It is a sassy and upbeat tribute to the glamour and allure of show business.


6. Mamma Mia! - Dancing Queen

▶️️ Play Dancing Queen on the piano 

Dancing Queen is a classic pop song from the Swedish group ABBA, which was adapted for the hit musical Mamma Mia! It took the band an incredible 6 months to write! It is a feel-good song that the band performed a cappella in 1993 for the King and Queen of Sweden, the band’s native country, and many consider it to be the first europop disco hit ever. The song is an upbeat and catchy tune that's sure to get audiences tapping their feet and singing along.

7. Fame - Fame (theme song) 

▶️️ Play Fame on the piano 

Fame is the theme song of the 1980s musical and film of the same name, which focuses on a group of students at a performing arts school in New York. The show gives us a look at their struggles, fears and triumphs as they fight to make it big in the Big Apple. 

The song Fame has become an anthem for anyone who dreams of making it big in show business. It’s a high-energy tribute to the power of ambition and the thrill of success.

8. Annie - Tomorrow 

▶️️ Play Tomorrow on the piano 

The musical Annie officially opened on Broadway in 1977. It tells the story of an orphan who is desperate to find her parents, unaware that they have died. An interaction with a billionaire changes her life and leads to a beautiful father/daughter-like relationship.

The music was composed by Charles Strouse with lyrics by Martin Charnin. Annie sings Tomorrow when she is alone in the streets, with only a dog for company, while hoping for better days. It’s a positive song full of optimism and has been covered by many singers, including Grace Jones and Elaine Page.

9. Aladdin - A Whole New World 

▶️️ Play A Whole New World on the piano 

A Whole New World is the signature song from the film and Broadway show Aladdin (1992). The music is by Alan Menken and the lyrics by Tim Rice, two legends in the world of Disney. Aladdin and Jasmine sing this song while they are on a wonderful magic carpet ride. Critics and audiences across the world were won over by the simple and elegant melody of the song, as well as the lyrics, which are full of hope. 

These popular Broadway songs are just a small sample of the many amazing tunes that have graced the stages of Broadway over the years. Whether you're a seasoned pianist or just starting out, you’re bound to find a song that makes you smile! 

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