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5 scale exercises for beginner violinists

Do you play the violin and are you a beginner? In this article, we're offering you 5 exercises to practise the scales of G major, A major, D major, C major and E major. Thanks to the Tomplay interactive sheet music, you will have the opportunity to practise these scales accompanied by an audio recording of the second violin synchronised with the sheet music.

The most beautiful Christmas pieces to play on the violin

Only a couple of weeks left before the festivities! In this article, we're offering you a selection of the most beautiful Christmas carols and songs to play on the violin. For each piece, we have included a link to the sheet music which is accessible to violinists of all levels. Explore too our Collections of the most beautiful Christmas music for the violin classified by level and available with a 20% to 30% discount.

7 beautiful concertos for amateur violinists

When you approach a violin concerto, it can be difficult to know which easy concertos to start with or even how to choose the movement which suits you best. This is why we have drawn up a non-exhaustive list of concerto movements in order to guide you in this choice, whether you are an amateur violinist or a teacher wanting to tackle a concerto with one of your students.

The 8 most beautiful pieces of film music to play on the violin

Violinists, to your violins! Re-discover eight cinematic masterpieces, as well as the soundtracks which contributed to their success, and immerse yourself in the story of their composition. For each piece, we have included a link to the Tomplay sheet music. Available in several levels of difficulty, these scores contain "Play Along" audio recordings of the orchestra to accompany you!
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