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Kuhlau - Grand Trio in B minor, Opus 90 - I. Trio, Allegro non tanto (Flute 1)

Instrument Flute
Difficulty Intermediate to advanced
Accompaniment Trio

Score Information

Original version

Play the flute 1 part, accompanied by a high quality recording of the rest of the trio

Kuhlau is a prolific Danish composer from the classical and romantic eras. He was mainly known as a concert pianist and opera composer. As well as his compositions for piano, he also wrote several remarkable works for the flute, which earned him the nickname of "Beethoven of the flute".

Play the flute 1 score of the 1st Allegro non tanto movement of the Ttio for flute, Opus 90 by Kulhau, accompanied by a studio-quality recording of the rest of the Trio.


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