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Hawkins - Sister Act 2 - Oh Happy Day (Intermediate Level)

Instrument Piano
Difficulty Intermediate
Accompaniment Piano with orchestral accomp.

Score Information


The following pieces are not original productions but playbacks which were recreated without the interpretations of the original artists

Everyone has at some time hummed "Oh Happy Day", lyrics from the song of the same name made famous by Edwin Hawkins and revived in the film Sister Act 2 with Whoopi Goldberg. Its creation goes back to the 18th century when a pastor wrote the first lyrics to a melody composed by a theologist. It then evolved over time, has been successful worldwide and has become a reference in the world of Gospel music. Play the piano score of "Oh Happy Day" version Sister Act 2 arranged for intermediate level, accompanied by a high-quality studio recording of the orchestra.


OH HAPPY DAY (Edwin Hawkins) © Edwin R Hawkins Music CO / Kama Rippa Music Inc Audio playback license courtesy of Tency Music SAS © 2019 Tombooks