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The Best of Klezmer Music for Violin, Easy-Intermediate, Vol. 1 (with orchestral accompaniment)

Instrument Violin
Difficulty Easy to intermediate
Accompaniment Violin with orchestral accomp.

Music sheets in this collection:

Traditional - Silberne Chasene (Klezmer)
Traditional - Long Live the Nigun (Klezmer)
Traditional - Freilachs fun Gilrod un Sadler (Klezmer)
Traditional - Bessarabianke (Klezmer)
Traditional - Shlof Main Kind (Klezmer)
Traditional - Red Dovidla Nigun (Klezmer)
Traditional - Odessa Bulgarish (Klezmer)
Traditional - Nigun (Klezmer)
Traditional - Mediatsinerwaltz (Klezmer)
Traditional - Freilachs fun LA (Klezmer)
Traditional - Firn di Mekhutonim Aheym (Klezmer)
Traditional - 7:40:00 PM (Klezmer)