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The best jazz backing tracks for Sax, Guitar, Drums, Singers and more!

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Marcel Alber
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As a passionate guitarist and former metal singer, Marcel Alber has been fascinated by music of every genre from an early age. Since then he has had a strong network in the music scene in Frankfurt am Main and is constantly looking for talents to inspire him. In addition to music, it is literature that he deals with in depth professionally. In order to give you the best Tomplay experience, he combines both talents and helps you to discover the best scores in our catalog.
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The best jazz backing tracks for Sax, Guitar, Drums, Singers and more!

What is a Jazz Backing Track?

It is almost every instrumentalist's dream: as soon as you have started to explore your instrument and gradually overcome the hurdles, you want talented musicians who complement your own sound. Nowadays it is easier than ever to get in touch with like-minded people; the Internet has paved the way for the dream of a full band to come true. Still, it's not easy to find someone who has the same rhythm in their blood - especially in a genre as unique as Jazz. Because here it is particularly important that each component harmonizes perfectly with one another. 

A backing track (also called an audio accompaniment track or playalong) is generally an audio recording of certain components of a song, which singers or instrumentalists use as a basis for adding further parts. It consists of various individual tracks that contain recordings of individual parts that have already been made. Thus, musicians use Jazz play along tracks in which their instrument is absent - it’s that easy to play all the classics in the company of an entire Jazz ensemble! 

Why a jazz backing track is worth it 

Hardly any other genre lives so much from its unique rhythmic and improvisational diversity as Jazz. Every ensemble must therefore be perfectly coordinated and in harmony with one another. If you want to embark on the path of Jazz as an instrumentalist, you have to do the following: Take the time to practice your instrument in an ensemble. 

It is often not easy to open up to other instrumentalists in such a musical way, especially as a beginner. A backing track gives you the opportunity to practice your instrument completely casually - and at the same time to be part of a real Jazz ensemble. The Backing Track is the band that supports you unconditionally in order to promote your talent! So grab your instrument and practice with the greats. 

Tomplay offers you a range of sheet music with Jazz backing tracks, be it smooth Jazz backing tracks or Latin Jazz backing tracks - feel free to choose!. Play the part of your instrument and contribute to the best Jazz standards of all time! With our interactive sheet music, you can choose the level of difficulty with which you feel comfortable. At the same time, TomImprov helps you to really develop your skills as a Jazz musician: The feature offers you assistance with which you can improvise in a classic Jazz manner. Browse through our Jazz backing track catalogs for different catalogs and discover all the classics of the genre with Tomplay. 

The best Jazz backing tracks for every instrument 

As diverse as Jazz itself is the range of instruments that are used here. The genre can open up a whole new musical world to pretty much any instrumentalist. We have put together a selection of backing tracks for the instruments from which every Jazz ensemble can benefit. With the help of our selection, the path to Jazz in all its variations is paved for you. 

1. Jazz backing tracks for piano

▶️ Discover the best Jazz backing tracks for piano

The piano is one of the most important instruments in Jazz. It has been a loyal companion to many famous artists of the style from the very beginning of the genre. Due to the influences of ragtime and blues, the piano has also found its way into Jazz music - and is still an integral part of many legendary hits. 

At first, the piano was only represented as a solo instrument in Jazz. Over the decades, however, it has developed more and more into an accompanying and ensemble instrument. By the 1910s at the latest, it had established itself within many bands and immediately enjoyed great popularity with the audience. 

As in every other genre, there are many subgenres in Jazz in which the piano is sometimes more, sometimes less present. But should a song have the right player on the keys, it is not uncommon for the instrument to steal the show. Meanwhile, its smooth melodies have become an indispensable part of the genre. 

There are a few techniques that pianists need to be skilled in to keep up with Jazz. With the Jazz Backing Tracks from Tomplay you get a wide selection of different songs to help you out: From Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World to Ray CharlesHit the Road Jack and Isham Jones' There Is No Greater Love you will find the greatest hits. 

Choose a level of difficulty of your choice - from beginners to advanced. With our interactive sheet music, you can use the Jazz Backing Tracks for piano and discover the genre’s greatest hits yourself.

2. Jazz Backing Tracks for the saxophone

▶️ Discover the best Jazz backing tracks for saxophone 

Is there an instrument that is more associated with Jazz than the saxophone? As the perfect melody instrument, it mostly intones the iconic sounds for which the genre is known worldwide. The tenor saxophone is the most common in Jazz. But the alto and soprano saxophones are also often in the spotlight. 

Nowadays there is hardly a Jazz ensemble in which the saxophone does not play a role - proof of the significance of the instrument. The sound possibilities are so extensive that there are even successful groups that only consist of saxophonists; as demonstrated by the World Saxophone Quartet or the Cologne Saxophone Mafia. 

So if you are a saxophonist looking for suitable Jazz backing tracks, the selection is downright overwhelming. As a fan of the genre, you can think of dozens of songs that you would like to play right away. In our catalog of the best Jazz backing tracks for the saxophone you will find the most important hits: Play Fly to the Moon by Frank Sinatra or Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers - the selection is huge! 

We give you a unique chance with our interactive sheet music including backing tracks for the saxophone: Play your instrument, one of the most important in Jazz, alongside the greatest legends of the genre, and at a level of your choice! 

3. Jazz Backing Tracks for the guitar

▶️ Discover the best Jazz backing tracks for the guitar

When you think of guitars, a number of rock songs usually come to mind immediately. The instrument does indeed go very well with the extremely harsh sounds of the genre. But nowadays it also plays a role in Jazz that should not be underestimated. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was only to be found there as a pure accompanying instrument. 

From the 1930s, however, this changed suddenly. Because this marked the point in time that changed the fate of the guitar forever: The electric amplification of the strings opened up completely new possibilities for musicians. The rather low volume compared to other instruments was a thing of the past. It was now possible for the guitar to be in the limelight of many ensembles. 

Since then it has also been found more often as a melody or solo instrument in Jazz ensembles. Before that, it was the banjo that took this place as a plucked instrument. There are now some hits that are carried by the sounds of gifted Jazz guitarists: Right at the front is Django Reinhard with his authoritative work Nuages ​​or Eric Clapton with Autumn Leaves

You can find these and many other hits in our catalog of Jazz Backing Tracks for the guitar. A variety of songs awaits you there, which you can adjust to your level with our interactive sheet music in order to discover a new genre in a relaxed manner. Find out for yourself and grab your guitar! 

4. Jazz Backing Tracks for bass

▶️ Discover the best Jazz backing tracks for bass

Another instrument that was of huge importance to Jazz from the very beginning: the bass. Whether double bass or bass guitar - the deep and extremely elegant bass lines and solos can be found in all sections of the genre. The instrument has always been part of Jazz and has remained there to this day. 

Since Jazz is a diverse genre, one thing is not surprising: it has undergone a number of changes throughout its history. The different eras of Jazz are quite numerous. But the bass is a fixed component throughout its entire history. It is one of the most important figureheads of the genre. Since the 1950s, the electric bass guitar has also enjoyed great popularity due to its volume. 

One can certainly say that the bass, along with the saxophone, is one of the most important instruments in Jazz. So it is all the more important that you enrich the genre with your talent! Here, too, the selection is huge - but we've put together the best Jazz backing tracks for bass, just for you: Here you will find Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles, Caravan by Ellington and many other classics! 

The best thing about it: Even if there are some of the best musicians in the world within Jazz, you can now keep up even as a beginner! Because we have arranged our interactive sheet music for you in various degrees of difficulty.

5. Jazz Backing Tracks for drums

▶️ Discover the best Jazz backing tracks for drums

Hardly any genre of music could do without the drums! However, its use is extremely important, especially in Jazz. The genre thrives on extraordinary rhythms and wonderfully chaotic improvisations. Every ensemble will be grateful to you if you, as a drummer, are trained in setting this unique pace. 

Jazz drumming, however, is very different from common genres. Here it is important that you are adaptable. Because within Jazz you come across a range of different rhythms, between which you may have to jump around at any time. While in other genres there are certain rules regarding the beat, Jazz is open to everything! 

But here, too, we have a solution for you: With the right backing track, you can memorize the erratic nature of the rhythms and bring them into harmony with the other instruments. Try immortal classics like Respect by Aretha Franklin, My Way by Frank Sinatra, or Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

In order to slowly get to grips with the unusual playing style of many Jazz musicians, you can use the advantages of Tomplay: Set your level of difficulty and adjust the interactive sheet music, including the Jazz backing tracks for the drums, so that you can practice without any problems! 

6. Jazz backing tracks for singers

▶️ Discover the best Jazz backing tracks for singers

Jazz is not only popular for its instrumental masterpieces - but also for its difficult vocals. It differs significantly from European singing traditions, which is why one speaks of “vocalists” rather than “singers” when it comes to Jazz. 

In Jazz, the vocalist treats his voice more as an instrument. The melodies of the singing are used in a similar way to those of the trumpet or the saxophone. In Jazz, it is, therefore, possible that voices are used that are rather unusual according to the standards of European music. Examples of this are the unmistakable voice of Louis Armstrong - one of the greatest representatives of Jazz ’. 

As with the instruments, improvisation plays a major role in singing. So there are often paraphrases, exchanges, and other means that make every performance of a song unique. Joachim-Ernst Berendt once wrote that Jazz singing is much less about the “what” than about the “how”. 

Discover the voices of the greats in our catalog of Jazz backing tracks for singers: Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, and Nina Simone. Dare to sing your favorite songs in the company of a whole ensemble! 

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